About Artist

Youn, Seyoung

Born in GwangJu, South Korea


1996 Graduated from Jeon Nam National University with a BFA in Fine Arts

2001 Graduated from The Graduate school of Fine Arts at Jeon Nam National University with a MFA in Fine Arts.


Solo Exhibitions


2020 Strange Blue Becoming Space

The 10th Solo Exhibition (Horanggasinamu ART POLYGON, GwangJu)


2019 Becoming Space

The 9th Solo Exhibition (Super+ CenterCourt Gallery, Munich, Germany)


2018 “Becoming Space”


The 8th Solo Exhibition (Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwang Ju)


2015 “Light in Blue thorn”


The 7th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Ark, Gwang Ju)


2014 " Plant a Seedling "

The 6h Solo Exhibition (Gallery Jino, Gwang Ju / Soar Gallery, Hwasoon)


2013 " Waves_Like being filled up over "

The 5th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Gumho U.Square, Gwang Ju)


2012 " Console your shadow "

The 4th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Light, alternative space Chung jung gak, Seoul / Gallery D, Gwang Ju)

2007 " stay with us "

The 3rd Solo Exhibition (Gallery WooLim, Seoul/ Ilgok Gallery, Gwang Ju)


2003 " Eye of beholder "

The 2nd Solo Exhibition (Marronnier Art Center, Seoul :current Arko art center Exhibition award)


2002 " Tear & Tear "

The 1st Solo Exhibition (In Jae Gallery, Gwang Ju)


1995-2020 Participated in lots of Group Exhibitions & Special Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

2020 The GwangJu Horanggasinamu ART POLYGON - In Your View, 5.18

The GwangJu Sansu Museum- - Value Impact : On Criticism

The JH GANA ARTLIER - Open Studio " Art Pandemic


2019 Akita Museum of Public Art Collage, Akita, Japan - Relations of Three Artists

Palmenhaus Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany - In the year of the golden pig

Asia Culture Center - In Your View, 5.18

The DamYang culture Foundation - Contemporary Young Artist In Namdo 2019


2018 Asia Culture Center - 2018 Gwangju Biennale Main Exhibition "Imagined Borders"

The GwangJu Museum of Art - 18th Ha Jung-woong Young Artist Invitation Exhibition

The Seoul Gallery G&J - The GwangJu Museum of Art International Residency “Bridge”

The GwangJu Foundation for Women - "The Story which Ask, Can't ask"

The GwangJu Development Area Aura - After Story of ( )


2017 The GwangJu Museum of Art International Residency Open Studio

The 30th Anniversary of NaJu Museum of University - Art of Nam Do

The GwangJu 5.18 Memory foundation - The 4th Relay of 100' Artists


2016 The DamYang culture Foundation - Variety & Reflection

The BoSeong BackMin Museum of Art - We can talk to the world through drawing

The GwangJu Museum of Art - The Way of Living in Transition_Asia Contemporary Art Links

Asia Culture Center - 2016 Gwangju Biennale Special Exhibition_ Light, Life and Substance

Award Winning career & Residency


2019 Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany Residency Artist

2019 Longega, Italy Residency Artist

2019 GwangJu Horanggasy Creative Studio Residency Artist

2018 GwangJu Biennale (Imagined Borders) Main Artist

2018 18th Ha Jung-woong Young Artist

2017-2018 GwangJu International Residency Artist

2016 The 22th GwangJu Art award

2013 Ui jae Hur baek run (The Samae society) residency award

2012 GwangJu Gallery Gumho U.Square Young artist Exhibition award

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